Fishbowl – What the Goldfish Saw as he Fell from the 27th Floor 
by Bradley Somer

A truly wonderful and quirky read. This novel is a brief snapshot into the lives of the inhabitants of one apartment block and how one tiny event can trigger new connections and friendships, between even the most unlikely of people. Somer weaves an eclectic tapestry of these characters’ everyday lives, hopes and dreams, anchoring them together with the philosophical voice of Ian, the goldfish. With moments of joy, levity and sadness, this novel takes you on a journey that is not easily forgotten.

The Magicians of Edinburgh 
by Ron Butlin

A wonderful collection of poems which take you from the windswept heights atop Arthur’s Seat to the hustle and bustle of Princes Street. Butlin shows us the many faces of Edinburgh, and whether the poems be satirical or celebratory, they are all written with a clear sense of pride and love for this historic city’s architecture, landscape and most of all its people.

The Sanitorium 
by Sarah Pearse

A somewhat atmospheric read with an air of mystery. A once-abandoned sanitorium, now a five-star luxury resort in the Swiss Alps, is the backdrop to a series of unexplained murders. It’s up to one of the guests, who just so happens to be a detective, to solve these gruesome events when the hotel is cut off due to an avalanche. Although Pearse successfully creates a tense and creepy air, at points the plot loses pace and purpose. However, with each chapter you are left wanting answers and kept guessing as to who the murderer could be.


Over the past year the world has been lacking that vital spark which art and culture provides. But fear not! Here’s a brilliant weekly podcast which solves that. Featuring some of Scotland’s biggest and brightest names in the world of art and culture (such as Ian Rankin, Sam Heughan and Elaine C. Smith) The Cultural Coven bridges the gap between the public and the artists, giving insight into their life and work. Hosted by the incomparable Nicola Roy, who is no stranger to treading the boards herself, there’s a wonderful sense of familiarity, a chat with old friends. So, whether you want some greenroom gossip or a sneak-peek into the mind of your favourite highlander, The Cultural Coven has got you covered.

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